86 Themistokleous Str.
18122 Athens, Greece
mob: +30 30 6985 686232
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The ERTs Doc On Air prize for the best project in the EDN European Documentary Networks Docs in Thessaloniki Pitching Forum is awarded to the project Playing with Fire

The shootings of a new documentary about natural building houses in cooperation with the non profit organization Piliko, has been completed with success in Italy.

A new documentary in the stage of development

Qadir, An Afghan Ulysses: A documentary co financed by ERT (National TV Channel of Greece) & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece


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OH MY DOG is a new film, video and television production company based in Athens, Greece. We provide a range of state-of-the-art professional and expert services that include Documentary/TV, Corporate, Instructional/Training and Web Videos, TVC’S and specialize in aerial shootings with our own department named “Flying Dog”.

We have managed to create a highly skilled and effective team making the production process as stress free and friendly possible. We focus in affordable professional film & video productions accordingly to clients needs.

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Oh my Dog aims to produce compelling and high quality documentaries with content not only found within the Greek boarders but globally. The documentaries “Qadir – An Afghan Ulysses” was shot in Afghanistan and “The Nymphs of Hindu Kush” was shot in Pakistan. We specialize in documentaries that tell compelling stories from a personal point of view. We are passionate about making films and love bringing interesting stories to the screen.


We produce corporate and web videos respectively to clients needs in order to attract and convince viewers. We have the know how to make any type of video needed and can work from concept development to final product. 

Low Budget / 800€ - 2.500€

Production costs for corporate and web videos have fallen dramatically in the past few years. Today, even the smallest businesses and organisations are commissioning video production companies to help promote their products or services. This range covers videos for up to 3 minutes.

We can produce low budget videos starting from 800€ to 2.500€. In this range you'll find a selection of promotional web video productions produced by O.M.D. under 2,500€. Τhe lowest budget includes 1 day shooting, 1 day editing using Basic Graphics and music library.

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Mid Budget / 2.500€ - 15.000€

Thanks to falling film, DVD and web video production costs, mid budget productions can cover corporate / promotional films and web videos of up to 30 minutes in duration.

In this range you'll find a selection of corporate / promotional films produced by O.M.D. for between 2.500€ and 15,000€ including up to 3 days shooting, 3 days editing using more advanced graphics, music library, text copyright for narration, sound studio and speakage. Accordingly to clients needs some of the above may not be needed and other elements can be inserted such as actor usage for product presentation.

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High Budget / 15.000€ +

O.M.D has a wide range of collaborators in the creative and technical area of film and video production. O.M.D’s creative team produce a wide range of high production value promotional films, corporate videos and web videos.

You can find a few sample works of promotional / corporate films produced by O.M.D. for above 15.000€. Budget varies accordingly to client’s needs. Often in this budget range, high end motion graphics, original score (music) and original animation may be incorporated.

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We provide production and location services in Greece for filming. We can assist with productions ranging from films, movies, commercials, TV spots, documentaries, cinema, television and internet productions. We assist with production planning, budgeting and scheduling. We will read your script and advise on the most time and cost effective ways to shoot in Greece. We can assist you with any production need such as indicatively:


Flying Dog   Flying Dog is a company specialized in aerial shootings for motion pictures in Greece. A variety number of TVC’s, Films, Corporate & Music videos for multiple markets national and international are included in our filmography. With over 10 years of experience in aerial shootings and a proud safety record, clients can expect the highest level of service we can provide in Greece. We co-operate with the most experienced pilots and staff and are dedicated to meet your every aerial shooting requirement. Our specialized equipment includes Gyros (Kenyon, lsg platform) which can carry any type of camera (Film / Digital) and can be adjusted accordingly to the clients needs

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86 Themistokleous Str.
18122 Athens, Greece
mob: +30 6985 686232
email: info@ohmydog.gr